Niku Steakhouse1 Serving • 61 Division St, San Francisco

Niku Steakhouse

61 Division St, San Francisco
CA 94103, United States
Chef - Dustin FalconOWNER & CHEF
Chef - Dustin Falcon
Executive Chef, Dustin Falcon, leads Niku Steakhouse with his passion for the flavours of Northern California which he combines with a Japanese influence in order to achieve a fusion of modern steakhouse and premium A5 wagyu beef. Before joining Niku, Dustin established a successful career with significant experience at various distinguished restaurants across America, including: Lazy Bear, The Corner, Wolfgang Puck, and Per Se – of which sparked Dustin’s love for the creativity of fine dining.

About Niku Steakhouse

Niku Steakhouse is an award-winning, Michelin Star restaurant located in San Francisco, America. Adopting wood-fired cooking techniques and unique Japanese ingredients, Niku has expertly intertwined American and Japanese cuisines to highlight their acquisition of excellent produce, meats and ingredients. Neighboured by ‘The Butcher Shop by Niku’, Niku and its Head Butcher, Guy Crims, source meats of the very highest quality directly from skilled producers. Taking pride of place, domestic and A5 Japanese wagyu beef fill glass meat lockers lining the restaurant’s entrance, indicating to guests upon arrival that Niku’s care in sourcing their meat and produce is paramount.

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Our Australian Wagyu Story

Our Australian Wagyu Story

We are cattle people, stewards of a vast, pristine natural environment in Australia’s tropical north. We have a keen sense of the responsibility that comes with legacy, not just of the land we manage, but also our cattle.