Our Craft

Our Nature-Led approach produces Wagyu with a signature flavour that could only come from this corner of northern Australia. It is the combined output of our people, our approach, and our land. 

It is the work of many people working across many millions of acres to look after cattle for four to five years as they forage freely on our rangelands and finish at our spacious feedlots. 

From geneticists to nature managers to jackaroos and jillaroos on the muster, together we work to create a product that delights diners around the world and puts the terroir of northern Australia on the table.

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01 Wagyu

Historically working animals, Wagyu cattle are prized for their high intramuscular fat content, or marbling. Marbling refers to the rivers of fat running through the muscle which gives Wagyu beef its signature tenderness and dissolving mouthfeel—a property derived from the fat itself, which has a relatively low melting point.

The Westholme Wagyu herd genetics have been refined and cultivated over the past three decades to produce the finest Wagyu possible that is best suited to our environment and lifestyle.

02 Mitchell

Mitchell Grass—found only in Australia—is the namesake of our signature cow, The Mitchell. Our Mitchell mothers are special to Westholme, combining genetics from a handful of breeds to make them uniquely suited to our operation.

When bred with Wagyu sires, Mitchell cows produce our Cross program—a terroir driven fusion of fat and lean. These cows are bred for Australia combining strong maternal instincts with a sturdy frame and the adaptability needed for a life on the hoof in the north.


Animal Welfare

Healthy, happy and well cared for cattle are integral to our nature-led approach. Providing care to our animals is part of who we are and our expertise in animal handling is something our people are immensely proud of.

Today, we employ the Five Domains approach, which moves beyond preventing bad animal welfare to actively promoting positive animal welfare and ultimately a positive mental state underpinned by proactive care.

01 Good Nutrition

Access to ample food, a varied diet, and drinking water.

02 Physical Health

Minimizing injury, disease, and functional impairment while promoting vitality and fitness.

03 Healthy environment

Creating an environment with room to roam, fresh air, conditions for rest, and a host of other factors that create forms of comfort.

04 Positive Behaviour

Interacting with the environment, i.e. foraging and exploration, positive interactions with humans, and promoting sociability amongst other animals all contribute towards positive behaviour.

05 Positive Mental State

Healthy mental wellbeing in our animals is our ultimate goal and is the product of good nutrition, a healthy environment, good physical health, and positive interactions with the land, humans, and other animals.

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