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Westholme Wagyu could only come from here, the vast rangelands of northern Australia.

We craft contemporary Australian Wagyu for professional kitchens. Chefs love the fine, even marbling that creates deep, rounded flavours and delicate mouthfeel: the Westholme signature.

Story video

Story video

We are cattle people, stewards of a vast, pristine natural environment in Australia’s tropical north. We have a keen sense of the responsibility that comes with legacy, not just of the land we manage, but also our cattle.

Distinctly Australian

Our approach to Wagyu breeding and animal care is uniquely Australian. We’re focused on the careful calibration of open grazing and grain finishing. This considered approach is reflected in a Wagyu of exquisite quality.

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Chefs love Westholme

Chefs all over the world love our Australian Wagyu for its extraordinarily rich flavour, marbling, consistency and versatility. We’ve partnered with industry-leading chefs to discover their craft and how they cook with Westholme Wagyu.
Smoke-Grilled Tomahawk with Charred Broccoli and Grilled Sweet Potato

Smoke-Grilled Tomahawk with Charred Broccoli and Grilled Sweet Potato

“I am a simpleton when it comes to beautiful cuts of beef. I just love letting great meat like this Westholme tomahawk speak for itself. Salt, pepper, smoke and heat: that’s all you need.” - Chef Kristen Kish

Australian Wagyu Masterclass

Everything you need to know about cuts, cooking techniques and making the most of our contemporary Australian Wagyu.