Our Story

We look after a sweeping stretch of territory from Brisbane to Darwin in northern Australia with a climate as varied as our landscape.

Wet seasons in the summer, dry seasons in between. Every few hundred miles a different terrain, from lush wetlands and grassy plains to oft-visited watering holes and ancient rocky land features. We raise Wagyu beef, but there’s a saying around Westholme that our real job is to grow grass. Meaning, that if we take care of the land, the rest will take care of itself. The result is signature Australian Wagyu built on a genetic lineage tracing back to Japan and imbued with the terroir of this changing landscape.

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Wagyu cattle gather at Wylarah Wylarah Station, QLD - AUS 27° S, 149° E

Our Principles


Let the land lead


Adaptation is our only constant


Honor all animals


Celebrate food culture everywhere