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Our Nature-Led approach produces high-quality Wagyu with a signature flavour that is the combined output of our people, our approach, and our land.


Westholme Pure offers our boldest eating experience. Rich and elegant, it brings more marbling to the table with surprising depths of flavour.

Fit ForMarble Score
Smaller Bites9+ Abundant
Simpler preparations10+ Decadent
Special occasions
Tasting menus


Westholme Cross leads with versatility. An ideal balance of fat and lean, it has the ability to star in simple presentations or play with flavours from around the world.

Fit ForMarble Score
Culinary expression4-5 Balanced
Flavor fusions6-7 Ample
Simple sear, salt, and pepper8-9+ Abundant
Date nights


Westholme Grass is the truest expression of our terroir and pairs purebred Wagyu genetics with the native grasses and diverse seasonal forage of northern Australia

Fit ForMarble Score
5+ Balanced
Products MeatStory Product

Striploin Pure MBS 10+

Marble Score

Westholme offers a range of marble scores across cuts and programs. Each offers a different eating experience and lends itself to different cooking methods. For those looking for more beefy flavour, explore Balanced and Ample grades. If you’re looking for a more fat-forward bite, treat your tastebuds to Abundant and Decadent grades.



This is the kind of Wagyu you’d leave to your kids. Incredibly rich, with complex intramuscular marbling that delivers a velvety mouthfeel you’ll remember long after the plate is clean. Rich with terroir and oozing luxuriousness, every bite of MBS 10+ Westholme Wagyu is a taste memory that will linger.



This is Wagyu reserved only for the best of friends and most special of occasions. Abundantly marbled cuts are melt-in-your-mouth tender with mouthwatering rivers of fat interwoven into every bite. MBS 8-9 Westholme Wagyu bursts with umami essence and is backed by the flavours of the open Australian rangeland.



This is Wagyu full of flowing, even marbling throughout. Cuts with ample marbling are supple and indulgent, perfect for classic preparations yet flexible enough to bend the rules. MBS 6-7 Westholme Wagyu forms a perfect crust when seared, lending texture to an elegant interior.



This is Wagyu with a bit more beefiness. Balanced marbling gives each bite more texture and lends itself to toothsome bites and more intensive cooking processes, although it can stand on its own when treated with a simple sear. Despite its lower fat content, 5+ MBS Westholme Wagyu still puts a bit of elegance on the table.

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