Harlo Steakhouse1 Serving • 1720 Festival Plaza Dr

Harlo Steakhouse

1720 Festival Plaza Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89135, United States
Chef Gina Marinelli OWNER & CHEF
Chef Gina Marinelli
Harlo Chef and Partner, Gina Marinelli, has become a renowned name in the culinary industry. Chef Gina was named a semi-finalist within the ‘Best Chef’ category by the James Beard Foundation, and received Eater’s 2019 ‘Chef of the Year’ award. In addition to her role at Harlo, Gina is also the Chef and Partner at La Strega.

About Harlo Steakhouse

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Harlo Steakhouse is a high-class, elegant steakhouse that was conceptualised over 60 years ago. Combining the highest standards of hospitality and customer service for its clientele, with a passionate and creative team of talented chefs, Harlo delivers an elevated dining experience. Chef Gina Marinelli ensures that the best quality ingredients are sourced for the crafting of each dish served at Harlo; from acquiring beef from “the best in the business”, to sourcing fresh, seasonal produce.

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