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Scott PickettOWNER & CHEF
Scott Pickett
Leading Australian chef Scott Pickett is steeped in tradition, a proud custodian of his profession’s heritage yet equally passionate about mentoring and finding energy in the next generation. “I love everything about restaurants,” he says. “The energy. The organised chaos. The tired feeling in your bones after a great service. The camaraderie too.” ‘Chefo’ to all. Pickett owns venues in Melbourne. Rather than being linked by cuisine - Chancery Lane is French, Longrain is Thai, stately Matilda is a contemporary grill - his restaurants are characterised by real cooking and heartfelt hospitality.

About Matilda 159 Domain

Matilda is a visual and sensory journey. The kitchen is fuelled by open fire and hot coals, delivering contemporary Australian food with a feeling of comfort and warmth. Situated opposite the Royal Botanical Gardens and named after Scott Pickett’s daughter, the restaurant celebrates the connection between people, food and nature. Stylish yet relaxed, Matilda is a place where guests can visit often and be guaranteed the finest local meat and produce, cooked exceptionally well over live flames and open grills.

Our Australian Wagyu Story

Our Australian Wagyu Story

We are cattle people, stewards of a vast, pristine natural environment in Australia’s tropical north. We have a keen sense of the responsibility that comes with legacy, not just of the land we manage, but also our cattle.