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Moody Tongue

2515 S Wabash Ave
Chicago, IL 60616, United States
Chef Jared WentworthOWNER & CHEF
Chef Jared Wentworth
Jared Wentworth is chef at Moody Tongue in Chicago, the world’s first two-Michelin star brewery. “I’ve been cooking for about 30 years,” says Jared. “My cooking style has gone from classic French to French-American to more Japanese now. I’d call my sensibility Japanese-French fusion.”

About Moody Tongue

Moody Tongue has a 28-seat dining room with a 15 to 20 course tasting menu, plus a bar with 100 seats and an a la carte offering. “We are definitely not a steakhouse but we love good beef,” says Jared. “It’s quality over quantity. You're never going to come in and get a 45 oz porterhouse from me. You will get a beautiful 3 oz portion that’s exquisite, perfectly seasoned, perfectly salt-finished and just delectable.” The food is matched with beer brewed on site. “At the level we cook at, people are extremely open,” says Jared. “They just want to see what we can do. The best feeling for me is winning customers over and at the end of the dinner they are smiling and saying they had an amazing meal. That’s the reason I still do this.”

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