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933 N Ashland Ave
Chicago, IL 60622, United States
Chef Troy JorgeOWNER & CHEF
Chef Troy Jorge
Troy Jorge is the executive chef of Temporis, a fine dining restaurant in Chicago’s West Town. Troy trained in his native Massachusetts and moved to Chicago in 2015, where he worked at three-Michelin star Grace under his mentor Curtis Duffy, shifting after two years to two-star Acadia. Temporis has been awarded one Michelin star each year since 2018.

About Temporis

Temporis means ‘time’ in Latin and there is constant play with past, present and future in the restaurant: bread is baked from a three-year-old starter, fermentation halts time while also transforming ingredients, memories are plundered to create dishes for today, and produce grown on site is explicitly in the moment. Just 20 guests a night are treated to a 10-course tasting menu that features ingredients grown hydroponically in the restaurant. Mizuna, red-veined sorrel, even white strawberries are snipped from the centre of the dining table and added to dishes.

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