Our Land

We’re a Nature-Led agriculture company driven by a duty to ensure the land we care for is fertile and productive far into the future. 

We steward roughly 16 million acres of rangeland, guided by the natural ecosystem of northern Australia. Under the care of a team of nature experts, we use on-the-ground research, precision pasture management, and satellite technology to manage our dynamic environment. 

This approach is part of our investment in building a circular, thriving ecosystem that integrates crops and cattle and a balanced future for beef.

Story Our Land

Reynolds River in the midday sun La Belle Station, NT - AUS 13° S, 130° E


Our Stations

Our operation is manned by over 20 different stations dotted across the landscape from Brisbane to Darwin. Each station performs an essential role in our end to end supply chain—from breeding and genetics to grazing, farming, and feedlotting.

These outfits are often family-run operations led by generations of men and women who have devoted their lives to agriculture and animal welfare. They each have a unique character defined by the land they occupy and the devoted cast of characters that staff them.

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