Our Story

Our Stations

The Westholme herd is bred, grown and nurtured across 15 stations in Queensland and the Northern Territory in northern Australia. Explore our map to find out more.

There is no other Wagyu like Westholme.

Westholme has taken a venerable category and evolved it into an Australian Wagyu of sublime quality and consistency, at home in professional kitchens where provenance is a point of pride.

Wagyu - Japanese for ‘cow’ - is renowned for its intramuscular fat and juicy tenderness. Westholme Wagyu is founded on careful breeding, commitment to animal welfare, the pristine Australian environment and an unending striving for excellence.

Our herd is derived from the finest Wagyu in the world. Our three founding patriarch bulls are 001 Hirashige-Tayasu (from the Kedaka line); 002 Itomoritaka (from the Fujioshi line) and 003 Kitateruyasu-doi (from the Tajiri/Tajima line). Every Wagyu producer gestures towards these unimpeachable genetic lines; we can prove that we have all three.

Starting with this heritage of distinction, our genetics team continues to improve on perfection with our Full-Blood bulls, refining the qualities of our patriarchs. Our Wagyu bulls are selected for temperament and fertility, and for their fine marbling and exceptional flavour. The bulls are matched with Mitchell mothers. The Mitchell breed has been developed by us to thrive in northern Australia. Calm, sturdy cows with a strong maternal drive and fine eating qualities, they complement the Wagyu sires by nurturing our Westholme calves.

This F1 ‘first cross’ of Full-Blood bulls and Mitchell cows is exclusive to Westholme. The result is a unique expression of Australian wagyu with signature marbling, tenderness and deep, complex flavour. Put simply, there is no other Wagyu like Westholme.

Our cattle are born wild on the rangelands and stay with their mothers until they’re ready to wean. After two years grazing free, our cattle move to our spacious feedlots. For at least 330 days, they are nourished on a proprietary grain mix, much of which we grow ourselves. Our approach to Wagyu breeding and animal care is uniquely Australian. We’re focused on the careful calibration of open grazing and grain finishing. This considered approach is reflected in a Wagyu of exquisite quality.

Our cattlemen and women work tirelessly to unlock the genetic potential of the world’s finest Wagyu cattle. We do this through superior animal care and a deep understanding of the qualities that chefs require to deliver pinnacle dining experiences. We oversee, manage and continually refine every step of the supply chain, ensuring a traceable product of unimpeachable quality. The result is an Australian Wagyu that chefs love for its extraordinarily rich flavour, delicate marbling and consistency.

It’s Wagyu but different. Wagyu but Australian. Wagyu but Westholme.

Animal Welfare

Everything we do is to ensure our cattle are calm, relaxed and healthy. We are devoted to giving our Westholme herd the best life possible.

Our approach is distinctively Australian: we farm on remote cattle stations and have a long heritage of animal husbandry on the vast rangelands we are proud to steward.

Cattle are born wild and free in an environment that’s closely monitored; shade, clean water and nutritious food are always available. We predict and monitor available grazing using satellite technology and on-ground inspections, proactively moving cattle to the best paddocks to ensure high-quality grazing both this year and in future seasons.

We keep animals in their family groupings so they stay relaxed. Calves stay with their mothers until ready to wean. Herds are kept together from rangelands to processing. If our animals require medical treatment, care is swift and diligent. Vet attention is consistent and meticulous.

When moving to our spacious feedlots, cattle are given a one-week orientation, ensuring they are calm in their new environment. Herd groups are maintained, as well as adequate spacing, and cattle are taught how to feed from bunkers. They are checked twice daily and taken on regular walks to maintain condition and interest.

Our approach is distinctively Australian: we farm on remote cattle stations and have a long heritage of animal husbandry.

Our approach to animal welfare is guided by a commitment to addressing the Farm Animal Welfare Council’s five freedoms:

  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst through ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and vigour

  2. Freedom from discomfort through provision of appropriate shelter and comfortable resting areas

  3. Freedom from pain by prevention and when identified as sick, rapid diagnosis and treatment

  4. Freedom to express normal behaviour by providing adequate space, proper facilities and the company of other animals

  5. Freedom from fear and distress by ensuring conditions and treatment that avoids suffering

We pride ourselves on exceeding these standards. Our cattlemen and women are trained and continually retrained in best practice animal care and we are always looking for improvements.

Our cattle are everything to us. Without them, we are nothing.

Tasting Notes

A dining experience like no other. Chefs tell us there's nothing like Westholme. And now we have the science to prove it.

Westholme, together with the University of Queensland worked to develop a world-first Wagyu flavour wheel. Using similar principles to wine tasting, researchers identified the aroma, flavour and textural components which form the sensory experience of Westholme Wagyu. The dining experience is proof of our craft, the culmination of our genetics, provenance, environment, feed and the utmost care we take at every step.

Research showed the entire Westholme range is identified by its roasted and caramelised aromas, tender melt-in-the-mouth juiciness and elegant, complex flavour with buttery notes balanced by sweet and tart elements. The finely calibrated balance of meat and marbling allows every element to shine through.

Compliments of the Chef
Leading chefs tell us what they love about Westholme Wagyu.